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HBS strike a partnership with Anglian Water Services to increase the roll-out of renewable power across their water treatment works and water recycling centre’s in the UK.

HBS new energies solar for commercial ground mount solar panel installation Anglian Water Services case studies1Anglian Water, one of the UK’s leading water services companies provide water and environmental services to over 6.4 million people. They provide these services to the largest geographical area of any water company in England and Wales. Pumping water through over 37,000km of mains in a flat region means they are one of the biggest power users in East Anglia.

As part of Anglian Water’s drive to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainable energy generation, they appointed HBS Group Southern, a renewable energy specialist to a framework to deliver their solar PV requirements. Solar PV will be installed under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on some of their 6,500 sites with system sizes likely to range from 250kWp to 2MW. HBS will be responsible for securing funding, system design, project management, construction, installation and O&M.

James Bull, HBS New Energies Director:

 “We’re very proud to be working in partnership with Anglian Water Services on these prestigious projects helping to improve their business by increasing their sustainable energy generation, reducing carbon emissions and energy costs through solar”.

HBS have completed three projects at Water Treatment Works in Hall and Water Recycling Centre’s in Witham and Rayleigh and these sites are now saving nearly 50% on their daytime energy unit costs through renewable solar power. HBS will work with Anglian Water on the next phase of this large roll-out of renewable power across their Water Treatment Works and Water Recycling Centres, throughout 2016.

Matthew Pluke, Energy Manager, Anglian Water Services: 

“HBS have shown an incredible level of commitment to fund and install solar PV on our sites. Thanks to their efforts, Anglian Water is now using solar power to reduce energy costs and carbon at it’s treatment works”.

HBS offer Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to energy-intensive businesses who wish to take advantage of lower energy bills without the initial capital expenditure. If you would like to find out how your business could benefit from a 100% funded solar PV solution then get in touch at


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