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HBS continues Anglian Water’s solar push with 894 kWp install at Jaywick Water Recycling Centre

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Jaywick Solar Scheme at Anglian Water’s Jaywick Water Recycling Centre in Essex.

At 894 kWp, it becomes the largest solar array installed across their operational sites and follows on from the 630kWp system built by HBS New Energies at the Beanfield Water Towers earlier this year.

Developed by HBS under Anglian Water’s ongoing Solar Programme and fully funded by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), the ground mounted PV system has been installed on unused land adjacent to the water recycling centre.

It is now helping to power the operational water recycling centre with a clean, low cost and secure electricity source that will deliver treated water safely back into the environment.

Made up of 3312 solar panels, the project is set to make a vital contribution to meeting up to 36% of the site’s energy consumption, saving Anglian Water approximately 109 tonnes of carbon emissions in the first year.

hbs new energies complete solar array for anglian water jaywick water recycling centre solar ppa programme powering water treatment inverters


James Bull, Managing Director, HBS New Energies, said

“This is another fantastic project delivered by HBS and one that has been completed to the highest standards. The solar array will further boost Anglian Water’s pledge to net zero emissions, as well as drive down water treatment costs with no capital expenditure for the next 25 years.

We look forward to pressing ahead with the next phase of this solar PPA programme that will enable Anglian Water to become more sustainable and continue to improve their operational energy efficiency through on-site solar generation.”


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