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We tailor competitive financing and funded solutions to suit your specific renewable energy project requirements – helping your business harness the financial and environmental benefits of solar PV long into the future.

Although purchasing a solar PV system will offer the most attractive financial returns and long-term benefits, some businesses may not have the capital available or choose to reinvest their funds. We will carry out a detailed analysis of your buildings roof or land space, financial stability and energy usage in order to identify the best-suited and most cost-effective solution to achieve your renewable energy objectives.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is fast becoming the most effective way of funding the installation of commercial solar PV. This is especially true for businesses with high-energy demands that need to deliver business savings and cap rising energy costs. A PPA provides an opportunity for businesses to enjoy the financial and green benefits of solar PV with zero cost; as a result capital can remain in the business.

We work in partnership with leading asset investors in the UK, which means we can install commercial solar PV systems through a Power Purchase Agreement. If your business’s roof or land space, energy usage and financial stability meets our specific criteria then you could enjoy 100% funded free solar PV. HBS New Energies will design and install all solar PV systems with funding provided by our PPA partners.


How a PPA works


We will install and maintain a solar PV system on your roof or land free of charge and in return, your business will benefit from low cost electricity for up to 30 years, delivering long-term energy savings.

For the duration of the PPA, your business will purchase electricity generated by the PV system at a competitive price, that is index-linked and far less than what you pay your current energy provider. At the end of the PPA, the ownership of the solar PV system transfers to your business so you can continue to enjoy low cost electricity.

Benefits of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)


HBS new energies benefits of solar PV energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

  • On-site clean energy generation
  • Improve building’s energy efficiency
  • Upgraded EPC
  • System fully maintained by HBS
HBS new energies benefits of solar PV financial gain

Financial gain

  • Free solar PV system
  • Low cost fixed rate of electricity & index-linked
  • Guaranteed long-term energy savings
  • Cap rising energy costs
HBS new energies benefits of solar PV enviromental


  • Reduce CO2 footprint
  • Clean energy source
  • Enhance sustainability credentials
  • Meet CSR targets
  • Comply with ESOS scheme

Anglian Water Framework – PPA case studies


View our case studies on Anglian Water WRC and Anglian Water Hall WTW to find out how we helped one of the UK’s leading water services step up their use of renewable energy generation. We rolled out over 1MW of PPA funded solar PV across their Water Recycling Centres at Rayleigh and Witham and their Hall Water Treatment Works. Anglian Water have since increased their renewable energy generation, with business savings of nearly 50% on their daytime energy unit cost, whilst considerably reducing their carbon footprint.

Direct purchase


Businesses that purchase a solar PV system will earn a guaranteed source of revenue for the solar electricity a PV system generates for twenty years through the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme. These payments are index-linked. View latest FiT rates.

The return on investment for a solar PV system will depend on various factors such as the size of the solar PV system, the building or land location and a business’s energy usage. Purchasing offers the greatest returns and the shortest payback period. We can help you investigate whether your business is eligible to offset up to £100,000 of the capital outlay in tax through your annual investment allowance.

View our case study on Bupa Care Homes PV scheme to find out how we helped the leading global health and care company complete a solar PV roll out across their UK care home portfolio. The retrofit commercial solar panel installations were self-financed by Bupa and have helped them deliver business savings, earn guaranteed income through the Feed-in Tariff and reduce their carbon footprint.


Competitive financing rates


Through our network of finance partners we can offer competitive finance options tailored to suit your business’s requirements. This finance option will allow your business to pay for the solar PV system with fixed monthly payments over an agreed period.

The income from the FiT and energy savings made by the solar PV system can cover the monthly loan repayments, allowing you to budget without increasing monthly outgoings. The interest rates available will depend on your businesses credit rating.

Contact our expert team to discuss the energy savings your business could make through our solar financing solutions.

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