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Our commercial solar PV solutions provide a great opportunity for business owners and occupiers to reduce their CO2 footprint, cut energy bills and improve green credentials. We can help you generate clean energy on site, turning your unused roof or land into an asset.

We specialise in large-scale roof and ground mount solar PV installations, delivering innovative turnkey solutions for clients who are looking to increase their on-site generation through renewable energy technologies.

As experts in commercial solar PV and energy storage solutions, we have helped businesses and service providers from all industry sectors utilise unused roof space or land to unlock the financial and green benefits of solar power.

Benefits of commercial solar PV


HBS new energies benefits of solar PV energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

  • On-site clean energy generation
  • Improve building’s energy efficiency
  • Designed for optimum output
  • Upgraded EPC
  • Requires minimal maintenance
HBS new energies benefits of solar PV financial gain

Financial gain

  • Save up to 50% on energy costs
  • Cap rising energy costs
  • Guaranteed revenue from FiT
  • Healthy return on investment
  • Eligible asset for Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
HBS new energies benefits of solar PV enviromental


  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Clean, reliable energy source
  • Meet carbon reduction targets
  • Comply with ESOS scheme
  • Enhance sustainability credentials
  • Meet CSR targets

Turnkey solutions all under one roof


Following site assessment and feasibility, our design and technical team will advise on the best suited solar PV solution that will fulfil your project requirements. You’ll have a dedicated project manager who will co-ordinate the whole installation process, managing an installer team who will carry out all roofing, electrical work, system installation and commissioning.

We can manage all planning and grid connection permissions for you and ensure your renewable energy requirements are met. Upon completion we will be on hand to help you register your solar PV systems so you can begin to receive income from the UK’s FiT scheme. A comprehensive range of maintenance packages that include remote monitoring are available.

What we do


hbs new energies design and development full service solar PV solution

Design & development

  • Feasibility report to support business case 
  • Tariff analysis, & financial modelling
  • Expert in-house engineering
  • All permissions secured
  • Export limiter solutions


  • Low cost finance options
  • Funding solutions
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Group discounts for multi-sites
hbs new energies what we do installation full service solar PV solution


  • Dedicated project teams
  • Solutions for all roof types
  • Meticulous health & safety procedures
  • Minimal disruption to your business
  • MCS approved installers 
hbs new energies what we do operations and maintenance full service solar PV solution


  • Regular monitoring & inspections
  • Reactive & proactive maintenance
  • Dedicated aftercare department
  • Emergency service available 24/7

Turn your roof space or land into a revenue stream with solar PV


For businesses with high energy demands self funding your solar panel installation will enable you to generate your own clean energy on site to achieve operational savings and provide protection from future energy price rises.

It also presents a great investment opportunity that can deliver a healthy return of investment. The Government’s FiT scheme pays a guaranteed income for twenty years for the clean energy the PV system generates. To find out more, please visit our Solar finance page.

Cap your energy costs with a solar PPA


Many larger, more energy-intensive businesses whose main objective is to reduce operating costs have taken advantage of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Our PPA has provided some of the UK’s largest service providers with the ability to cap rising energy bills for up to 30 years, through the installation of a free solar PV system, so no up front costs or large initial outlay.

We design, install and maintain a solar PV system for free as part of the PPA agreement. In return, your business will purchase the clean electricity the system generates at a far lower rate than what you currently pay your energy supplier for the duration of the agreements term, typically 20-30 years. Discover more on our Solar finance page.

Contact us with your project requirements and discover how your business could begin to benefit from our commercial solar PV services.

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