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We’ve installed solar panels for hundreds of commercial businesses and over 10,000 homes across the UK. With a wealth of experience combined with a quality-assured service, you can count on us to meet your project needs.

HBS New Energies have completed solar PV installations for projects across all industry sectors, working with a wide range of organisations from blue-chip companies, major residential developers and main contractors to local authorities and social housing providers.

Our in-house team of renewable energy experts will work with you to deliver a full service solar PV solution to meet your project needs in the most cost effective way. We will help you utilise unused roof or land space to unlock the financial and environmental benefits of solar.

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hbs new energies solar PV for new build housing solar panels for new homes

New homes

We integrate solar PV into the construction of new homes, helping new build projects across the UK achieve their renewable energy requirements.

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hbs new energies commercial solar PV experts commercial solar panel installations


Helping businesses withstand rising energy costs and meet their carbon reduction targets through solar PV, maximising the potential of unused roof space or land.

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hbs new energies solar panels for construction solar pv for construction architects and contractors new build


Integrating solar PV into the construction of commercial developments, helping contractors meet their renewable energy obligations & planning conditions.

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hbs new energies solar PV for public sector solar panels for local authorities social housing

Public sector

We work with local authorities, housing associations and contractors, maximising the financial and green benefits of solar PV for energy schemes across the UK.

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How do solar panels work?


A solar photovoltaic (PV) system works by using solar panels that contain photovoltaic cells, which when daylight hits creates an electric field. The brighter the sunlight that shines onto the solar panels, the greater amount of electricity produced. This direct-current (DC) electricity flows to an inverter which converts it into alternating-current (AC) electricity ready for use.

Solar panels are able to generate electricity during daylight hours. This solar power will feed to a properties’ appliances and lighting. For any extra electricity above what a solar PV system produces, this is taken from the grid and the end-user is charged as normal by their energy supplier. Any power generated that isn’t used will be exported back to the grid.


Is your roof suitable for a solar PV system?


There are many factors that can determine whether a solar panel installation will be suitable for your business. These include location, orientation, shade factor, the pitch of your roof(s) and your businesses energy usage.

By carrying out a feasibility survey at your premises we can first confirm whether your roof is viable for a solar panel installation. The feasibility survey assesses the size, type and construction of your roof and aesthetics of the building. We will also analyse your energy usage to provide a realistic energy and CO2 savings. Our in house technical and design team will then identify and design a solar PV solution that will help you achieve your energy saving and financial goals.


Contact our expert team to discuss your project’s solar PV installation requirements.

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