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HBS New Energies completed the design and installation of a 56 kWp solar PV system at Charters Wharf, an 85-apartment new build scheme in Greenwich, London. The integration of solar panels helped the scheme achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.

National building contractor Durkan, recently completed the construction of Charters Wharf, a mixed-use development in Greenwich, London. The scheme owned by Family Mosaic, offers 85 spacious new homes for private sale, shared ownership and social rent.

Working on behalf of Durkan, HBS new energies made a positive contribution towards the success of this project, skilfully delivering its solar PV requirements and enabling the scheme to meet its targeted ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.

Project delivery

  • HBS New Energies provided a full service solar PV solution, managing the design, supply and installation. The contracted works included all DNO approval, testing and commissioning.
  • With the roof at a height of 33 metres and its construction, HBS’s technical team had to satisfy the client’s performance requirements whilst meeting all relevant wind-loading considerations.
  • After initial surveys, our design and technical engineers worked in close consultation with a structural engineer and identified the required point loadings. We then calculated suitable ballast requirements for the PV system and finalised the specification and design.
  • The first steps of the installation was to construct an aluminium grid rail buried within the brown roof. This created a solid base for the solar PV system, utilising the earth as a ballast. We attached Renusol plastic tubs to the under rails, and placed the top rails across the tubs followed by the panels. This allowed the integration of three PV systems into one, meeting the set criteria.
  • Integrating the solar panel system at the construction phase proved to be the most cost-effective solution for the client, and ensured the scheme achieved its targeted ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.
  • The 56 kWp roof mounted PV system will generate an estimated 50,928 kWh of zero carbon electricity per year, reducing the high-rise building’s energy demand from the national grid. Furthermore, the inclusion of solar panels will reduce the developments carbon footprint, delivering an estimated 26,890 kg of CO2 savings per year.

Project summary

    Location Charters Wharf   
    Modules  Seraphim 285W  
    System size 55.86 kWp    
    Annual output  50,928 kWh    
    Inverter  Solis    
    Annual CO2 savings  26,890 kg     

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