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HBS New Energies installed a 100 kWp solar PV system to GMK’s distribution facility helping them gain energy independence. The installation of solar panels has helped to reduce their energy costs, C02 emissions whilst gaining full benefit of the Feed-in Tariff.

GMK are the UK’s leading shooting sports importer and distributor, and service the needs of the UK Law Enforcement and Military forces. HBS New Energies implemented a renewable solar PV solution that has successfully helped them protect the business against rising energy costs and generate their own zero carbon electricity on site.

Project delivery

  • HBS New Energies delivered a full service solar PV solution managing system design, supply, installation, commissioning and O&M.
  • Following the initial survey of the buildings roof, our in-house design and technical designed and proposed a 100 kWp solar PV system that would help GMK achieve their long-term energy saving goals.
  • The project team completed the installation and commissioning of the system without any issues, adhering to strict measures implemented by our in house health and safety manager.
  • The 100 kWp solar PV system included a monitoring system so the client could identify and monitor how much clean electricity their system generates and how much the system has generated historically. It will also ensure that any issues or faults can be identified and fixed promptly by our aftercare team.
  • The roof mounted solar panels will generate 91,576 kWh’s of electricity each year, enabling GMK to cut their daytime energy costs by almost 50%, therefore future proofing against the impact of rising electricity costs. The addition of solar PV has helped reduce the distribution facilities carbon footprint, with an estimated 48,117 kg in CO2 savings per year.
  • GMK purchased the PV system to ensure they could also enjoy the financial benefits of solar, earning income through the FiT.

Project summary

    Location Hampshire    
    Modules  Suntelite   
    System size 100 kWp    
    Annual output  91,576 kWh    
    Inverter  SMA Tripower    
    Annual CO2 savings  48,117 kg    
HBS new energies commercial solar pv installations solar panels for business GMK case studies
HBS new energies commercial solar pv installations solar panels for business GMK case studies1
hbs new energies case studies solar for commercial commercial solar PV solar panels for business GMK1

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